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Buying A Foreclosure

New Jersey Pre-Foreclosure Data

New Jersey pre-foreclosure data is available at the recent NJ foreclosures website. We add new listings every day so you should repeatedly visit the site to locate pre-foreclosure data and information about homes in danger of foreclosure. Providing you with pre-foreclosure data in New Jersey is our specialty.

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New Jersey Lis Pendens Lists

Our Website contains nothing but recent free lis pendens lists. We are happy to offer this information absolutely free of charge. Other Websites charge over $500 per year just for access to the lis pendens lists that we offer free of charge 24/7 on our Website. Don’t pay for this valuable information. Our site will even plot each property listing on a map and give you detailed driving directions from Google. Our site is easy to use and navigate and it is a great resource for realtors, investors and mortgage professionals. Contact Us for advertising opportunities.

New Jersey Foreclosures

Looking for New Jersey Foreclosures? You can to the right place. Our site receives an enormous amount of data from the State of New Jersey regarding properties in danger of foreclosure. We post these listings to the site as soon as we receive them. This provides your with advanced knowledge of possible pending foreclosures located anywhere in the State of New Jersey.

Stop paying for pre-foreclosure data and stop searching old stale foreclosure data. Our data about as current as we could possibly make it. We even remove old listings after they have been posted for a few months. We put the RECENT in


Free NJ Foreclosure Listings is one of the only places you will find listings of pre-foreclosure properties in New Jersey  that are absolutely free of charge. We spend a lot of money to acquire this information from all the municipalities in New Jersey. We use the data internally to help Real Estate agents find pending sales. In 2013 we decided that it was in the best interest of the public to make this information readily available free of charge. We figure the more we empower real estate buyers the more real estate will be sold.

Use this Website to search through our pre-foreclosure data free of charge. If you become a registered user (also free) you will be able to search using detailed maps and see even more detailed information about each property.


Buying a Foreclosed Property: What You Should Know

Buying A Foreclosed Property: What You Should Know

Given the recent state of the economy and the rising rate of mortgage foreclosures, the number of properties available at rock bottom prices is at an all time high.  While purchasing one of these homes may seem like a sound investment and a great way to get more house for your dollar, there are some issues to consider before purchasing a foreclosed property.  Depending on your financial situation, your experience as a homeowner, and your access to information about the foreclosure market in your area, there are some risks involved.

Finances Of Foreclosure

The financial considerations of purchasing a foreclosed home can sometimes be overlooked.  Often foreclosed homes can be in need of considerable maintenance and repair to make them habitable.  You need to know this cost when making the purchase, or you may end up with a considerable amount of debt in bringing your home back to its original shape.  Also, even though the price of the property is right, there are other financial considerations you may not have considered.  The cost of maintaining a home, property taxes, and utilities are all expenses that may be greater than your budget will allow, especially if you are purchasing a home that is much larger than your existing home or if you are unfamiliar with the costs associated with home ownership.  There is also the consideration of your ability to pay for the purchase.  Often foreclosed properties must be paid for in cash, so be sure you have the available credit.

Knowing The Facts

The process of purchasing a foreclosed home can be much more time consuming and complicated than a normal real estate transaction.  If the sale is occurring because an eviction notice has been served or if you are purchasing the property at auction, you may not be able to inspect the house before purchasing it or you may have to deal with some issues to get the current homeowners out.  There is also the issue of not knowing the condition in which they have left the home.  You will want to be sure you get the advice of both a real estate agent and a banker to ensure that your purchase is both a good investment and will increase in value over time.

Overall, purchasing a foreclosed home can be a great way to enter the income property market or find yourself a great investment opportunity, but being sure you have all the facts can prevent you from making a poor investment decision.